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Volkswagen comeback with e-generation bus

Monday, February 12th, 2018


During the course of the past 70 years, Volkswagen has experienced greater highs and lows than any other automaker. Invented by Ferdinand Porsche, Adolf Hitler first introduced the VW Beetle’s prototype in 1938. World War II stopped its production. Ten years later, British occupation forces offered Heinrich Nordhoff the management of the war-damaged plant in Wolfsburg. Mr. Nordhoff is credited with putting Volkswagen on the map. Eventually, production of the VW Beetle exceeded that of Ford’s Model T. Then in 2015, greed almost put Volkswagen out of business when news spread that the company had deliberately rigged emission systems in its 2009-2015 diesel cars at home and abroad. Company stock declined 20% on the first day and another 17% the following day.

Now Volkswagen is hoping to make a comeback. CEO Herbert Diess recently announced production by 2022 of the all-electric, fully integrated “I.D. Buzz.” This state-of-the-art e-generation vehicle is intended to make Volkswagen a worldwide bestseller once again.

The Iconic Volkswagen Type 2 Camper Bus

Remember the two-tone, air cooled, rear engine VW camper bus from the 1960s and 1970s, so popular with young people at the time? In the United States, it was called the “Volkswagen Type 2.” Those economical, trouble-free and easy to repair vehicles seem to have remained close to the hearts of many from that era. I never owned a VW bus but I was once the proud owner of a VW Beetle. I have to admit I loved it dearly.

New e-generation Volkswagen I.D. Buzz

.D. Buzz concept bus on the right alongside the iconic Volkswagen Type 2 bus on the left. Courtesy of

I.D. Buzz concept bus on the right alongside the iconic Volkswagen Type 2 bus on the left. Courtesy of

Tentatively dubbed the I.D. Buzz, Volkswagen’s newest vehicle is scheduled to target the North American, European and Chinese markets. It is designed to accelerate from 0 to 60 miles/hour in less than five seconds and top 100 miles/hour. A powerful battery pack in the floor of the chassis should give the vehicle a range of more than 350 miles, and with a fast-charge system it will be able to recharge to 80 percent of its energy capacity in 30 minutes. The 369 horsepower of the I.D. Buzz exceeds by far the 30 hp of the first Volkswagen bus sold in the United States in 1950. In addition, the I.D. Buzz will be capable of Level 3 autonomous driving, which means that the vehicle will be equipped to take over all driving functions in a less-complex highway environment (i.e. all vehicles moving in the same direction, no pedestrians, no complex intersections).

Volkswagen involved in new snafu

I was almost ready to forgive VW for its “Dieselgate” transgression when it came to light that the company recently conducted tests with Java monkeys. Ten animals were locked into small chambers for four hours at a time to breath in diesel fumes to prove that the pollutant load from diesel motors has measurably decreased. Come on Volkswagen, did you really have to abuse animals for this? Sadly, BMW and Daimler were also in on the tests.

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