How to Improve your sales skills

Here is how to improve your sales skills: THINK FIRST! Sounds elementary, doesn’t it? But apparently it isn’t. Let me tell you what happened recently to a dynamic retired couple I know:

You need an appointment just to have a cup of coffee with Brad and Brenda. That’s how busy they are. After years of fulltime careers and parenting, they now spend their days exactly the way they always wanted to but couldn’t. When Brad dug up their entire Texas Privet hedge in a single day a couple of weeks ago, he wrenched his back. Along with physical therapy his doctor suggested brief relaxation breaks. “Do you have a recliner at home?” the doctor asked.

“A recliner? Never did,” Brad admitted. “But if you think it would help my back, we’ll get one,” he added. After mulling it over with Brenda later that day, they agreed to purchase not one, but two recliners and headed for a furniture store. Amber, the sweet saleslady, was all smiles. She encouraged the pair to try out some floor models, and soon a nearly perfect specimen was located. The chair was sturdy, comfortable, and stylish. But it had one drawback. Brenda did not like the shade of the fabric.

“No problem,” Amber was quick to point out. “The chairs can be ordered in any number of colors and fabrics.” Sure enough, Brenda spotted a nice earth-tone swatch in the sample book, and in short order the deal was about to be clinched. That’s when Amber “excelled” with her sales skills. “You’ll be so glad you bought these chairs,” she gushed. “It might be the last major furniture purchase you’ll ever make.”

How do you think Brad and Brenda, our dynamic retired couple, reacted? Do you think they purchased the recliners? Do you think they’ll ever go back to that furniture store? Do you think Amber will be able to sell ice to Eskimos? THINK FIRST, Amber.

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